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Crazy mind trip movie I can’t remember the name of


I’m looking for a weird movie I watched last year on Afdah. It’s a very weird movie with no definite storyline or ending. It starts with two young women in their early 20’s getting on a train to spend the summer or something with an old childhood friend of theirs. She was known for being the bossy one and always wanting to be in charge. When they get there the weird friend still forces them to play doctor. The bossy friend plays the mom and the other two are the patient and the doctor. It’s super weird and the bossy friend forces the “doctor” to pretend to have sex with her once the “patient” has gone to bed. The only line I remember from the movie is when she moans “oh, doctor!” And obviously that’s not a lot to go off of. The two who traveled together are still best friends and they do a lot of drugs together, mainly psychedelics. The bossy friend ends up trapping them in her house with threats of some kind and sometimes she has them physically trapped. Sometime in the movie you find out the two felt bad because when they were younger, probably like 7-8, they were playing in a treehouse and the bossy girl fell or got pushed and fucked up her brain and now she’s like mentally disabled/unstable and because of that everyone in town knows about her and she’s kind of like the elephant in the room that everyone just avoids and feels bad for. She lived with her grandparents but they left her the house when they died. At one point a cop shows up to check on them and someone kills the cop. It’s super confusing because the storyline jumps around and the plot changes several times as though you’re hallucinating, which is kind of the perspective of one of the girls. It keeps flashing back to them being on the train and back to them being in the house. Sometimes they kill each other or themselves. Sometimes the bossy girl and the “doctor” convince the other friend she’s been hallucinating and telling nonsense stories. Ultimately you never really know what’s going on and the ending is super unsatisfying because it’s not definite. But if anyone can help me find it that would be great. I’ve tried googling it but that’s apparently impossible. Thanks!

VHS_Lives Answered question Nov 5, 2020