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couple motel desert recurring seductive dance digs ground pastor appear on tv

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a couple, checks into motel, desert setting, california like? the lady does a seductive dance, in the morning a guy at the window, so the guy chases him down, he takes him to the desert, dig up the ground, grave? a pastor/priest keeps appearing in adverts on tv, he actually meets the pastor who is in the same area, and somewhere in the middle of the movie he wakes up in this surreal modern home, and his girlfriend is this new lady, he keeps eating his cereal, and notices something odd, and his former girl is now the girl next door, and he vaguely remembers her,

at the end of the movie the original girl of the couple reveals that she had a cousin who could not move and was wheelchair bound, can’t move or talk, and she left him outside in the rain, for hours to torture him, and she commits suicide I think bye cyanide? but she is now lying on the ground in the motel and dies and I think she imagined everything

A fairly recent possibly indie movie? I think post 2010 but possibly post 2000.

Thank you so very I literally have been searching for days;
Love you guys for trying to help out!!!

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Thank you so much! thats what I thought too, but the cast and story is different. The pastor was white, the girl was a different person (blonde streaks, short hair bangs), and they were never shown making love. Also there was no notable names like dennis quaid. i saw the trailer and the cast is different. thanks so much but no cigar…

cantfindmovieargh Answered question Feb 2, 2018

Sounds quite similar to “Beneath the Dark

“Driving to a wedding in Los Angeles through the Mojave Desert, Paul and Adrienne pull off the highway and into Roy’s Motel and Cafe. This roadside artifact proves to be a strange and surreal place with an unsettling mix of travelers, who force our couple to discover the secret hidden between.”


pawprinted Answered question Jan 31, 2018