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Couple lost in forest?

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Saw this on Prime so its old, but now cannot find it. A couple on a date goes on a sightseeing tour and gets off to explore a park/forest. The bus leaves without them and they get lost in this forest so no one knows they are in the forest. They become disoriented and travel far away from the bus stop and civilization. They come upon an old campsite with tent and find the body of the former camper. He has left a diary that indicates he got into this forest, but there is no way out. He has left behind some supplies that includes matches. The couple starts a forest fire and is rescued when helicopters come to investigate the fire.

sarnrse Answered question May 22, 2021

What genre would you place it in?
Are you sure that it was just two people who went hiking?
Did anything supernatural happen in the movie?
Did they encounter (hostile) humans in the forest?
Approximately how old do you think the movie is?

It was based on a true story. Its not older than the seventies. Nothing supernatural occurred – I would classify it as a drama. The couple never encountered another human only a corpse.

Sounds a lot like the true story of Brandon Day and Gina Allen.


Yes! – that’s the one. Looking at your links – it probably wasn’t a movie, but rather an episode on some sort of survival TV series. Thank you so much. You must be some sort of movie trivia genius!

sarnrse Answered question May 22, 2021