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Could somebody kindly give me the name this movie about mind reading/memory reading ?


Im looking for a movie.
Sadly I dont know Name, Cast or the year of release but I remember the plot very well (still couldnt find it via google etc.)

The plot goes as follows:

The main character (male) has the ability to relive the memories of other people together with them.
Prior to the movie he was working for a company that employed people with the same ability and sold their services to customers.
However the main character quit after the passing of his wife. Since that was years ago and he hasnt worked since he is now running short on cash and his (former) boss offers to hire him again which kicks off the movie.
The main characters first job is to visit the (very wealthy) familiy of a friend of his boss and find out why their daugther is so … well the way she is now. When he arrives at the mension/villa the dauther in question is locked up in solitary confinement in her room constantly overwatched by surveillance cameras and two nurses. Due to her behavior she had to be kept like this for her own safety as well as the safety of everyone else.
During their sessions the girl figures out how to alter/manipulate the memories they relive and uses this knowledge to make the main character believe his boss abused the girl sexually when she was just a child.
It doesnt stop there however and she makes the main charcater her unknowing and involuntary accomplice in her escape from the mansion, as well as planting evidence that suggests that the main character has missused his posission as “therapist” to sexually abuse her, which gets him send to jail. The boss however wont leave his employee hanging (even tho he accused him of molesting the girl) and sends one of his top agents (who was briefly mentioned at the beginning of the movie as the main character wanted to turn down the job) to relive his memorys with him.
Turns out all of the story up until this point was just the memory of the main character relived by the aid of said agent while beeing in prison.
The agent assures him that he will manage to get him out of prison but that it will take some time because relived memories dont have the weight they should have in court (according to him).
The movie ends shortly thereafter with a scene showing the escaped girl in disguise, ordering a rose at a flower shop to be sent to the main character anonymously, requesting from the shopkeeper to remove the thorns so he wont hurt himself.

Sadly the movie did not experience and mainstream attention as far as I know. In spite of that I hope somebody can tell what the name of the movie in question based on this description.
Thx in advance for all pointers and all answers

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 4, 2021