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Coffee shop movie form early 2000s, I think

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I’ve been looking for the name of a movie I watched last year. I think it was a few years old when I watched it. Anyway, it’s about a coffee shop owner in California. He and his older brother inherited it from their parents, I think. He’s got a quearky interior design student who works in the shop with him.
A woman comes into the shop one morning (she’s waiting there before he opens). Just after she leaves the shop she gets hit and killed by a car. If I remember correctly, he dreams about her that night. He’s certain he’s never met her before. In his dreams he collects more information about the dead woman and spends time in his real-life trying to learn about who she was. They end up meeting in his dreams and interacting. He finds out she was nominated for a Grammy as a sing/songwriter.
That’s all I can remember.

trefall Asked question Apr 21, 2021