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Club of guys who mentally manipulate physics

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The main character, in the movie I’m trying to remember the name of, has telekinesis and the other guys can do it, too, to a lesser extent. In one scene they are being chased by a semi and instead of crashing, they make the semi shatter into a million pieces and it goes back together again. I believe they also form a club of some sort.

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heofon Selected answer as best Jul 23, 2022

What about Push (2009)?

With similar elements there’s also this TV series named Alpha (2011), and some other movie named The Covenant (2006).

heofon Posted new comment Jul 23, 2022

It was The Covenant! Man, I didn’t remember everything quite right. Of course, it was 16 years since I’ve seen it. Still, you guessed it. Thanks!


Those are not the ones. And it wasn’t Chronicle. The characters could be young adults. They wanted to use their powers but not get caught. In the truck scene, I think the truck crashed because of their powers and the main character used his power to put the truck back together so they wouldn’t get caught. I believe there was a beach campfire scene and a cliff. Also, the movie was at least 2009 or earlier. The scene with the vehicle exploding in slow motion was similar to scenes in the Transformer movies, but was one of the first times this special effect was used in a movie. I’ll try to remember more as I think of it.