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Classic French surrealist animated short?


Animated short film, surreal, I believe French, also probably over 30 years old. Clips of it were featured in some small bands music video who’s ads were on Instagram about a year or two years ago (that’s where I first discovered it). Full film is on YouTube I believe. Not Fantastic Planet, but that seems to be the only result Google gives me. Plot goes something like this: boy and a girl are sailing in a boat across a calm sea. They find a large castle/town island. They explore it, it seems to be abandoned. Strange humanoid creatures secretly live there and are watching them. A mysterious woman creature lives in the top tower of the castle which fascinates the boy who sees something shining from it. One night, a whale-like corpse washes up on the front gates. It turns into strange woman-like creatures that dance away. At the end, the boy and girl go back in the boat and sail away. Any help to find this is appreciated. Thank you!

Zmo Asked question Apr 18, 2022