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CIA (or some type of) undercover agent in Jamaica

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I’ve been looking for this movie for 14 years. I only saw it once and know none of the actors nor the title, obviously. I do remember a little bit about the plot, hopefully enough to ring some bells. Some of the details are quite vague I know, but it’s the best I can do off a 14 year old memory so please work with me.

I saw it in 2006. It looked kind of late 90’s-ish or early 2000’s-ish. I remember in the beginning of the movie it was like a convoy of black SUV’s that gets ambushed, and the one that gets away has the main character in it. He’s like some type of undercover agent, I don’t remember if a CIA, DEA, FBI or what not, but it’s a white dude who ends up going to Jamaica or some Caribbean island to hunt down the bad guys. When he gets there it’s pretty awkward and he doesn’t fit in until he meets this local black girl that kind of helps him along the way.

I remember specifically, probably the only line from the whole movie I actually remember, when they first meet she stands over him after he gets trampled by some random guys, and says “every year some white boy bites the pavement” or something I really don’t remember the last part, but it was to that effect. I think he tried to cross in the middle of a marching band or something and pretty much gets trampled.

If I remember correctly she’s also some type of police officer or agent or something. Anyways she tries to help him track down these villains who are pretty serious. They end of kind of falling for each other and getting into a relationship. Ultimately there’s a lot more that happens but pretty much they find the bad guys and I think he kills the leader in a shootout and I can’t remember but I think he ends up staying on the island permanently.

Yeah I know, a long shot. Apparently this movie must have not been popular. Anyone I describe it to has no idea what I’m talking about.

ANY HELP would be appreciated.. I’d really like to know what this movie is.

I think it was like an action/romance.. It had a good bit of action but revolved a lot around the relationship between the agent and the local girl.

dred5900 Posted new comment May 27, 2020

lets try “marked for death” and “cyborg cop”. I was thinking “snake eater” originally, but no carribean island…

@vhs_lives thanks for the reply.

Marked for death seems to be the closest, but it is indeed not it. I’m familiar with steven Segal and the white actor/main character was definitely not him. Also, the plot of Marked for death doesn’t seem to involve much of a love interest — where the relationship between the main character and the local girl played an integral part in the movie I’m after.. The girl he falls in love with is a black woman local to the island, though honestly.. I don’t remember specifically if it was Jamaica. She had somewhat of a Jamaican accent, but I guess many different countries in the Caribbean have a similar accent.

Based off what I read about “Marked for Death” the movie I’m searching for seems to be maybe a rip off of that considering how similar many of the plot lines are (white federal agent, jamaica ties, violent gangs) but the main difference is the relationship.

Cyborg cop is definitely not it. Not even close, nor is the other movie I looked it up just for the hell of it.

A few other details maybe to clear the air; This movie was not science fiction or really over the top, just the tale of a “normal” guy doing his job. I can’t remember if he went to “Jamaica” by force or if he had to go there for his job. The opening sequence where I mentioned an ambush on a convoy of SUV’s, seemed to be late 90’s model, full-size Chevrolet SUV’s.. indicating that the movie took place around the time it was released. I saw it in 2006, so It was probably released in 1999/2000/2001 or somewhere around that time, though it’s merely speculation.

I know people come here all the time looking for movies and I know this is a hard one.. if anyone else can think of anything remotely similar, please chime in.

edit: I remember a scene where they had sex on a beach.. or maybe it was her house.. jeez I don’t remember.. memory get’s fuzzy after almost 15 years. I want to say it was on the beach though.

Thinking more about the possibility of it being Marked For Death, I don’t remember anything to do with VooDoo.. I mean the gang was violent and murderous, but I don’t recall anything particularly sadistic such as rituals or VooDoo curses. Also, the late model vehicles in the beginning I mentioned weren’t around at the time MFD was released (1990)

I apologize, I dug the internet for over an hour and came up empty. I am assuming this was a direct to video film, but even when looking through all the titles, nothing quite matches island and female like that. Could it be newer than 2006?


Man thanks for trying, I truly appreciate it.

I had posted this question simultaneously on a similar web forum to this, trying to reach out to as many as possible. Another user there, somehow, managed to find the movie. Apparently, the movie was a “failure” critically and not very well-liked, which may be the reason it’s so hard to find. Though, I don’t remember it being so bad. I’m gonna try to score the dvd as cheap as I can and re-watch it. After 14 years, I finally know the title.

So, just so you know for future reference, and just in case anyone ever comes looking for this movie, it’s called “AFTER THE SUNSET”.. it came out in 2004; the main character is FBI; the setting is the Bahamas, not Jamaica; Don Cheadle is in it as one of the bad guys; the film is more about diamond thieves, that escape to the Bahamas. The FBI agent guy tracks them down there where he teams up with the local girl, who is a police officer/detective there. They end up having some sort of relationship but he becomes corrupted by the easy going lifestyle of the Caribbean.

thanks again for your time for searching, hopefully this’ll help out someone else in the future. 🙂