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Chinese horror/thriller movie with floating islands in its cover.

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Hello !

I’ve been looking for a movie from the early 2000s but I forgot its name. Thankfully I remember a lot of things about it, but I’m not sure if they’re all correct because I watched it a really long time ago, and I was very young.

I’ll try to describe it as best as I can with the scenes I can remember.

First thing: I remember its cover had floating islands in it.

Early Scene: A woman goes to sleep in her apartment, meets a little girl in an elevator, and when she leaves, she’s somehow in another dimension.

Mid Scene: The woman falls in a lake, and when she reaches the bottom of the lake, she sees a baby, and suddenly lots of babies try to pull the woman down for her to drown. I also remember that the scene was very red.

Late Scene: When the woman is about to go back to her world, this other dimension starts disintegrating, and the last scene I remember about this movie is a train she is in start turning into dust.

I hope it’s helpful enough.

I’d appreciate very much any help finding this movie !

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Gwai wik (2006)

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