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Challenge question: what is the name of old (before 2000) action movie with this plot?

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I just remmember this: Three soldiers (mercenary, soldier of fortune) were set up in the jungle (probably south america) from helicopter. One was white, one was black and one was a bit older (maybe redheaded) but he was definitely speaking german. They were fighting against a little “army” (guerilla?) and they were shooting against each other in the jungle. This gerila had under control a village and the inhabitans were using for some work. The black soldier died first yet in the jungle. He was crossing a small creek, and the piranhas ate part of his leg into the bone and he couldn´t continue. So he stayed sitting and waited for pursuers, shooted some of them, but they were too many and he couldnt resist a long time. The two remaining soldier were meanwhile continuing into the village. Next i remember, that the “german” soldier was in the village detained and tormented. He escaped, but he was finally surrounded in one house with one village women. The house was holded under fire, and he died when he was protecting this women with his body before bullets. The house was wrecked down with shot of tank, but the women survived. The last one soldier pretty much killed everybody who left but in the morning the commander of that guerilla was trying fly away with survived women in helicopter. But of course, the last one soldier got into board and the commander of guerilla didnt survived that. The final scene is helicopter flying away with the sun in the backround.

I saw this movie as a kid in the borrowed(lended?) VHS and i´m cca last 20 years occasionaly/every now and again looking for the title of this movie, but by that time without succes 🙂

Filmfind Posted new comment Feb 6, 2019

Here are some mercenary movies set in Central America:

Any chance one of them is the one you are looking for?


Here are some mercenary movies set in Central America:

Any chance any of them is the one you are looking for?

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 28, 2020

thanks for your effort casspir, but no match :/

la via della droga aka hard bull?