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Cartoon/animated movie dated 2010ish, Quest/End-Times plot, info in descr.


Hello! Any help would be appreciated, this is a search for a movie my girlfriend is trying to remember but hasn’t been able to.

I’ll quote all the info she could provide below:

“But it’s an animated movie maybe made in like 2009 or 2010?? And I think it starts with the two main characters getting a mission to bring something back to the castle thing they’re at???? I think they find a little girl along the way?? I’m not too sure and it’s kind of an eery art style but like still for kids ahhhhh but the biggest part I remember I think is the world is literally crumbling apart behind them??? And they have to complete their goal before it all crumbles into nothingness basically lmao AND THAT’S ALL I REMEMBER AHHH”

“Hmmm See the thing is I think I watched it 2009/2010 or maybe even ’11??? Oh god so it could’ve been made anytime from 2007-2010”

“Finish your task before world falls apart and then maybe it won’t happen??? But if you fail goodbye world”

“I think humanoid but definitely not all human??? More like funky little characters aaaand hmm I’m not sure the setting tbh it was such??? An odd feeling movie I could never really place it hmmm –

* *After mentioning how the art style of the game ‘Hollow Knight’ reminds her of it.*
“But then like /slightly/ more cartoony but vv similar to that style”

“And it definitely came out after surfs up LMFAO I swear it came out in 2009??”
(I don’t know why ‘Surfs Up’ fits chronologically for her, but ok)

holianne Answered question Jul 28, 2020

could it be coraline?


Titan A.E. maybe?

holianne Answered question Jul 28, 2020