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Cartoon about a little girl that goes to a magical world

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Please help me find a cartoon that i used to watch.
There’s a girl who just moved with her family. Her parents ignore her, because they’re busy with work. She asks her dad to walk her to school, but ge says he can’t cus he has to work so he draws her a map. Theres a sculpture pointing towards the school but the hand is broken at the elbow. I don’t remember what happened here but she somehow ends up in a magic world. There she meets a bird? thing who gives her it’s feather and promises her a wish. Theres a witch so in like a emergency the girl uses the feather to save her new friends instead of using it something about her dad (I don’t remember). Later her parent realize she’s missing so dad goes out looking for her in the rain. At somepoint his glasses fall and break. She goes back home and her parents start paying attention to her. The movie was probably made in the 2000s. Thanks in advance.

VHS_Lives Answered question Dec 13, 2021