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car sex scene


from the one scene i remember: a black dude is driving this white lady (i think she was wearing white or beige clothing, and both of them had dark hair) and for some reason she asks him to pull over and she wants to have sex but the guy is reluctant about it, and initially doesn’t want to, but they start having sex anyway, in the car while it’s stopped on the side of the road and the girl takes the guys’s shirt off and they don’t get too far into it until some sort of patrol officer or something sees them and the one quote i remember from him is along the lines of “look, we know you were having sex” and they try to shrug it off and the guy’s trying to button his shirt up and stuff, that’s all i remember from this movie, originally this scene was on the movieclips youtube channel, but now i haven’t been able to find it, maybe it might still be there also i think it was from probably early-mid 2010s (no later than 2017)

walterwhite1958 Edited question Jul 15, 2021