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Can’t Remember Title of Film about a lost cell phone that travels the globe.

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Need the title of a movie that follows the travels of a lost cell phone. I remember 2 Asian girls that post to Instagram. A little African boy that wins a dance contest. A blind date that is supposed to happen at the dance contest. A remorseful soldier that killed the wrong man and returns to the middle eastern village to provide money for the family. A Latino girl singing on Time Square Billboard.

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It is the pilot episode of the show “Touch”:
Plot summary:

Quote from the above plot summary:
“Meanwhile, one of those cells phones which almost made it into Jake’s possession makes a ’round the world trip from London to Ireland to JFK to Japan to Baghdad where it ends up making it full circle from its owner, a distraught father, to the wannabe pop singer to the enterprising prostitute to the teen who wants to help his family by buying a commercial oven for their baking business.”

Quote from this page:
“There are also worldwide connections shown throughout the show, ones which don’t seem to have anything to do with Jake. A man loses his cell phone, and it consequently ends up being passed around the world and connecting the people who come across it.

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