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Can’t remember the movie title

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all i really remember about this movie is that it has a village, and there is a younger boy who travels outside of the village through a hole in the walls they were building i believe, and sneaks out into the forest surrounding it and meets a girl. she climbs the trees a lot and disappears sometimes, and they find this area with pillars or something and this black creature is there and theres a cave but eventually they build up the walls or they cant finish it and they get invaded by this other group that kill and murder a lot of the people living there and the boy runs and hides in this circular building that Could be a church but i dont know. and then he and this old man escape and live on the beach i think. its a silent movie i dont think there were any words but it did have music and i know the girl made shh sounds. its not live action, and it looks kind of like a crayon movie but i think either the boy or the girl were ginger.

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