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Can’t remember movie from the 80s, I believe

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The only thing I can remember about this movie/tv movie is that the female character was a welder,
She had the 80s paper streamers in her hair, she smoked a lot in the film and she had a raspy voice.
Driving me nuts I can’t figure this out.

Chris Answered question Jun 5, 2020

Also if my memory is right, the neighborhood came together to defeat someone, landlord or someone extorting from them maybe…

“Steel” (1979)?

From IMDb:
“But when an old friend needs him to help put up a building, and when the old friend gets harassed and threatened by an Evil Corporate Type, he comes out of retirement and assembles the creme de la creme of the construction world. Together, they race against time to finish the building while the Evil Corporate Type tries to stop them.”

One of the characters is a female, played by Jennifer O’Neill.


Tank Girl

Chris Answered question Jun 5, 2020