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Can’t remember a movie about a group of special forces trapped in a bunker/base while under attack.

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So all I remember is that this movie is about a base of some special forces group. For some reason the base is stormed by another group of attackers.
The base has one entry which is a big large bullet proof door. At the end the leader steps out of the base and negotiates with the attackers.
The entire movie is about this base getting attacked, but I can’t seem to find the movie just by searching keywords.

I remember there is an armour room, ammo room, an IT room and more.

JoeKing12001 Answered question Apr 4, 2022

Assault on Precinct 13, perhaps?

JoeKing12001 Answered question Apr 4, 2022

mby it’s 13 Hours from 2016 when there is this terrorist group who attack an Embassy

Kote Answered question Mar 14, 2022