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Hi guys i remember seeing this movie during 2009 on italian television Italia 1 . I dont think the movie was italian thoug . I was about this 2 friends who are young boys and they run away for some reson . Theleader is some kind of missbehaving child a kind of prankster and his friend is chubby and diabetic . There are 2 specific scenes i remember one is that the lead character has to steel some food cause his diabetics friend sugar got low and he has no insulin . And the second one is that they find the corpse of former prankster or misbihaving boy of theri school witch motivates the lead character to come back home . Theres also a girl who joins them during the time line . I know i must not be much but it has been 13 years so . Would be extremly apreciative if anyone can remeber it .

Curiousboy99 Asked question Feb 7, 2022