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Can’t find this ultra low budget movie

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Hello guys, I’m not very good at English but i wiil try it☺️.

It was a movie like 1.5/10 but i was 10 years old and can’t remember that much.

The scenario was a woman in jungle that doesn’t know how to speak or communicate with People (like the kaspar Hauser full abandoned all of her life)when suddenly a man finds her and bring her in his house with a farm.
Then he started to learn her how to eat and how to be like a person in real world.She was always tied up in hands on a column in farm,and the man doesn’t show her in his family,he kept it secret that he has that woman in the farm.
After days the man was also having sex with that freak woman and after day slow and slow he trusted her more.
When suddenly he loosen up her one day and she killed them all in their house with her teeth i think.
Its a movie horror,comedy,and a little porn Arround 1990-2000 i think it was an American film ultra trash movie but it was fun.

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The Woman (2011)?

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Yes yes that,thank you very much