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Can’t find Space horror movie from when I was younger

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I can’t find this old space movie I once watched when I was a lot younger with my dad all that I remember is a bunch of people in space running away from I assume monsters/aliens but they know they have to leave one guy to die to by the some time to get to there space station so one guy stays behind we’ll the others dip and but once they get in after a while this one girl realizes one guy is not truly him self and she figures out there bodies are being taken over and Try’s to wars the others but they Didn’t believe her (I think) and so there body’s start to get take down over and get killed and her and another guy almost survive by the other guy gets killed some how and it’s only her who escapes (I’m pretty sure this was a space movie like 90% sure it was)

Helpmebrohrjrhr Edited question Nov 12, 2020