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Can’t Find Movie


In this movie a girl has some kind of disability and lives with her parents. It’s not in English but she walks in on her parents having sex and she learns about what it is. She tries making out with her father so they take her to a councler to try and help her learn. She’s walking home and finds a man and follows him. Eventually they go into a restroom and he has sex with her but she doesn’t really know what’s going on so she just does it. She ends up meeting with the man again and he continues to use her and her father finds out about it. He confronts the man and the man laughs at the father while they’re at a diner. She eventually moves into a home with some people that have downs and she gets made fun of by a couple that are in love. Later on she gets pregnant and they test her by watching her take care of a baby and a stovetop and whenever the pot boils over she sets the baby on the counter, turns off the stove and walks away entirely. The movie ends with the man giving her a ring for marriage and they move in together. He shows her to one of his friends and they both use her. At some point she goes into a restroom and I believe she kills her unborn baby in a rage of her not being normal. I pretty much know they entire movie because of how well it was made. Problem is I found it online at 3am and forgot to write it down or save it after watching it. I believe it’s around 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. Please Help

Cp Rooks Asked question Apr 24, 2020