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Can’t find animated movie from childhood


So I’m trying to find an animated movie I saw when I was a kid. It’s about animals that need to move for some reason, and it has real blood and they almost all die in mud that is alive and speaks to them. I know it isn’t secret of nihm. I can’t find this movie anywhere because the themes are typical and many other movies come up instead.

I don’t know if this will help, but the whole thing had a very dark tone. It had dread, you didn’t see a villain you just felt the danger and the emotion from the charecters. I don’t know if it was that old either, I remember it looking better than old animated films before the 2000’s, but that might just be cause it’s been a while. I had to have seen it around 10-12 years ago so around 2008.

This isn’t a common or well-known film, I’ve been looking for years and still can’t find it when searching the internet for hours.

lookingforamovie Answered question Sep 28, 2020

That sounds like Animals of Farthing Wood, although I’m fairly certain it is a tv show. It’s obscure and animated has that old feel to it, has several characters dying, and best of all, the plot of season 1 is the animals trying to reach a new habitat

lookingforamovie Answered question Sep 28, 2020