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Can you tell me the name of this movie?

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I remember that the opening scene of the movie is in the desert. The girl is walking and trying to hide golden disk in the sand. As she hides the disk, some men came on horses and killed her with swords. Then, the next scene is in modern day where a girl somehow finds out she has to find the golden disk. In her search is involved prophecy (if I remember it right) and church. At the end of the movie, she goes to that desert and along with some man. They are attacked by the wind and the sand sends them underground and from there she finds the disk.

That is all I remember from this movie. I have been trying to find the name for years, so if you find it out, please tell me.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Feb 10, 2021

how old was the film? was it fantasy or action? was the girl young like a teenager?

was this animated?