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Can you help me please, i can’t remember

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Hello guys. I remembered a scene of a film but i can’t remember the name of the movie.
The scene was:
An old man was suffering from alyzheimer and diabet. And his wife was trying to kill him.( i’m not sure)
And he asks his wife that if he took his insulin and his wife says no. So he took his insulin again and again and then he dies because he is alyzheimer and he can’t remember it.
This is the only scene i remember and it stucks in my head lately please let me know if you know the movie!

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Defne Selected answer as best Jan 10, 2018

That happens in Memento except it’s the wife with the diabetes and the husband has the memory issue where he keeps unknowingly injecting her repeatedly with the insulin.

Defne Selected answer as best Jan 10, 2018

Thank you a LOT. I really loved that film.