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The movies is about a daughter who got troubles in life related to sexual and violence. She always remember 1 sayings from her father that “Everyone has their own tree and one day you will find a tree that exactly like you. And in the end of the movie, after many life suffers, the daughter found her own tree. Her tree is leafless and stand alone on a hill.

I remember the daughter is quite skinny and got bright hair colour.

As I remember, the movie was in English and created by a Nordic country

Thanks for helps

Gusbomb Answered question Mar 31, 2022

what country was the language?

Hi, the movie was in English but created and shot in a Nordic country. The theme of the movie was always cold, dark and snow which remind of a Nordic country.
The English accent of actor/actress was not from English speaking country also.


Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”. The entire movie is about the skinny daughter (Charlotte Gainsbourgh) re-telling her personal history of violent and sexual exploits. But she had a wonderful relationship with her father (Christian Slater), who taught her about tree identification before his untimely death, and also that each person has his or her own personal tree. He found his, and she finally finds hers also. That is a gorgeous and spectacular scene of Gainsbourgh and “her” tree — both scrawny and slightly dead-looking — on rocky terrain and framed against a huge sky. No brightly-colored hair to my recollection, but otherwise it’s Nympho.

The Director is Danish. The film is in English, but Gainsbourgh’s accent is unusual due to her mixed parentage and multicultural education.

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