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Can you help me find a Russian movie?

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Hi. I have no idea if anyone here watches Russian movies but after years of having this movie stuck in my brain and after googling key words and coming up with nothing… this is my last chance. This is what I remember: it was an old movie. I was young when I watched it 20 years ago and it looked like it was filmed decades before. It was a comedy. About some men and women getting into an argument. The men then decided they can live without the women and the women decide they also don’t need the men. They end up living in two separate camps. I remember the men struggling with domestic chores like washing their clothes and the women also with other stuff. I remember the women spying on the men and vice versa. That’s it. Does anyone have any idea what movie this is? If you know a Russian person can you ask them too lol. Many thanks.

Midshadow Posted new comment Jun 28, 2020

A similar movie “Absurdistan” (2008)

Hello pori. It is not the movie that I was looking for but I have googled the description and there are similarities, I might even give it a go ! Thank you !