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Can you find this home invasion scene?

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Hi all! I’ve been searching for this scene for so many years now, if you’ll help me i would appreciate it so much. The scene starts in a kitchen, there is a kid and his mother, suddently the door (which is right next to the kichen) is knocked by two thugs, she is scared and teels them that she is going to call the police if they do not leave and orders the kid to hide, which he does immediately; we see the rest of the scene by the kid’s point of view, while she is trying to call the police on the phone they break the door, it didn’t seem a strong door, just a classic wooden door; then the two thugs beat and tie the woman on a chair, here the scene changes, it’s a flashback of the kid, who is telling the police what happened. This last detail makes me think that it’s a police type TV show, despite that I never found out where this scene came from. I saw it on TV in a time beetween 2005-2009. I was a child at the time and this scene made me feel tension and fear like nothing before. Thank you in advance!

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