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Can someone please help me get the name of this movie?

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I’m trying to find a movie with these descriptions: (I was a child and I don’t remember too much details)

The movie is about alien invasion

There’s a man with his children they move to someplace because of alien invasion and they stay there and there are these big eye looking alien ships that has big long eyes instead of hands and they watch and drink blood with these eyes and also this device captures and puts people in big cages (in it’s body) and when it is hungry it eats one of those people. but the main artist uses a grenade and feeds the grenade to this ship and (I think) kills it.

they are taking shelter in a house’s basement and on of these eyes come looking and it doesn’t spot people living in the basement. Then the aliens that drive the big ships come and check the basement and they doesn’t spot anything living either. but after a few minutes when everyone is sleeping one of these long eyes comes looking and a person is sleeping and she blinks her eyes and sees this big eye and screams so her dad grabs an ax (or a knife or whatever) and cuts it off.

and I also remember at the end this main artist sees birds attacking one of these big alien ships and tells a soldier to shoot it with RPG so he helps the birds defeat it.

this is as much details as I remember. it’s been stuck in my minds for so long can someone please help me find the movie’s name?

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Probably the 2005 version of War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise played the father. Steven Spielberg directed. I haven’t seen it for years, but I think all the scenes you describe are in it. Alien probes and later aliens enter the basement they are hiding in. The aliens spray the blood of humans they captured over the land to nourish the alien plants they are using to terraform the Earth.

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