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can someone help me find a film i think is from early 2000’s

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So i want to find a movie but i saw just a few moments and the ending but i will try my best to give the most information i can. At the begging there is this woman that i suppose is a photographer and the only thing i know is that she has been to paris.The other thing i saw is a scene where she has a scar on her inner thigh and i think someone said something like ,,you didnt know love can kill’’. There is also this guy that has a photography portfolio and it’s devined to a women that someone said also devined her portfolio to that man and maybe it’s that girl from the above but i don’t know. At the ending i think that there is this same girl but know she has short hair and she is in some place whit a lots of girls that also have really short hair and i think it’s some kind of a hospital like the ones where people are threated if they had some lungs illness, they lived there and it was surrounded by nature. So there was one three and that women left her ring on one brunch and then there appeared a man that i suppose is a ghost of her husband and she saw him smiled and left and he walked to that three and then disappeared. I know that i barely explained anything but that’s all i saw. If someone watched something simmilar please tell me.

stojanovics Asked question Aug 30, 2020