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Can somebody tell me the name of this sci-fi movie?

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Sci-fi movie. There is a police officer who gets flashes of past. The flashes relate to when he or someone else was young. When he is an officer he has some sort of a stone (probably ancient). Also, there is a scene where he has a stone while he is in a taxi and then there is an accident and after the accident he fights with someone bald who seems possessed or something. There are centipedes taken out of person’s body. People become possessed. Some creatures about the size of small dinosaurs attack people. At the end of movie, there are centipede drawings and some old person tries to open the door (using the officer’s stone and a key that that old person has). Then, at the end, whole police force tries to kill the creatures and centipedes also attack the actress. Actress of the movie looks like Tara Reid. A Hollywood movie and it was released after 2005. A low budget movie.

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It is Alone in the Dark.

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