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b&w old movie about smart little girl


Okay so I literally can’t remember plot details for the life of me but we watched this movie in class in 6th grade and this is all I can remember : the movie was really old, like has to be from the 30s-60s. it was about a little girl who was really smart and she’s getting tested on about her smarts with all these scientists watching her. one day she decides to run away from the scientists and she meets this older guy (he’s gotta be like 20-30, the little girl is around 6-13). i remember vaguely them getting popcorn or cotton candy on the street because she’s never had it before. also there was this scene where he’s on a date with this woman (i can’t remember if it’s his girlfriend or a girl he just likes) and the smart little girl keeps crashing the date. that’s it. that’s literally all i can remember. it was a comedy, not a serious drama or anything.

kaniclark Asked question Apr 11, 2022