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B&W Movie with a Dream Sequence Featuring a Giant Door Knob

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In the 70’s as a child, I saw a movie probably hosted by Bill Kennedy as an afternoon movie on a local Detroit station. I only remember one scene from the movie, but for some reason the scene has stuck in my head for decades.

The film is B&W. The actress is awakened in her lavish bedroom by a knock on the door. She excitedly rushes to the door only to discover the door knob is now about 4-foot wide and she can’t turn it to open the door. She frantically pounds on the door and calls to the person on the other side (who I assume is her love whom she desperately wants to see) saying she’s trying to open the door but can’t. I think at this point she wakes from her dream very sad that she is without her love…

I don’t have the impression this was a scary movie or anything like that. It just had this bizarre dream sequence which has stuck in my memory. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!

Kelebrimbear Edited question Aug 11, 2022