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Businessman get poor and rent a cardboard box to sleep in it

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Pretty sure it’s a European (tragi)comedy movie from around 90s. Watched it as a kid on TV.
I do remember only a few detail:

1) A movie begins with a rich middleage man dream in which he stubs himself, shoots himself, and jumps from a windows (or a rooftop/balcony) with a rope around his neck — all at the same time.
2) He got betrayed by his… wife? And looses everything. And gets an introduction into the life of local hobos. There is a “hobo hotel” made out of the row of bog cardboard boxes with a hard helmet with a flashlight on it to have a light inside these boxes.
3) I’m pretty sure the film ends with a wide shot of the city with money falling from the skies.

Njordy Asked question Jul 21, 2022