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LOOKING FOR ONE MOVIE AND ONE MOVIE ONLY. I am pretty sure it is a young boy that is bringing an older man a couple of boiled eggs and this older man wants to perfectly boiled eggs and like measures them and stuff. Its driving me crazy. Also 100% sure that is not the main plot of the movie.

casspir Answered question Feb 1, 2018

It is Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective character, who wants perfectly hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. There are a lot of Poirot movies, feature films like “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974) and its recent 2017 remake with the same title, or TV movies like the David Suchet Poirot films (according to IMDb, Suchet portrayed the famous sleuth in 70 TV movies).
A couple of Poirot movies:

If I remember it correctly, in the 2017 “Murder on the Orient Express”, ( Kenneth Brannagh’s Hercule Poirot character wants a perfetly hard-boiled egg.

Quote from this site:

“And the cast really is tremendous. Branagh is such a blast as Poirot, delivering pompous Gilderoy Lockhart self-love in an impeccably mustachioed exterior. With his tidy appearance and wholehearted love of certain foods – symmetrically toasted breads and a perfect hard-boiled egg – Poirot is a fine precursor to a certain Special Agent Dale Cooper.”

Another quote from this site:

When I have boiled eggs for breakfast, I don’t demand they must be of equal size.” When interviewed in the early 1990’s for the US television program “Mystery!”, Suchet said this about “bringing Poirot home”: “I’m brought down to Earth beautifully at home.”

So, you are probably thinking of Hercule Poirot’s character. There are dozens of Poirot movies, most of them are the David Suchet TV movies, and it can be in a lot of Poirot movies where this egg perfection of his is portrayed. I definitely remember seeing one of the Suchet Poirot TV movies where Poirot gets his perfect eggs, but I do not know which one it was from his 70 Poirot movies.

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m0cker Posted new comment Mar 12, 2020

I agree that it is the Kenneth Brannagh one. When the boy brings the last uneven eggs he shrugs and says “Maybe?” To which Poirot replies, “I blame the chicken.”