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Blonde woman has affair with father in law !

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Film watched between the late 90s, early 2000s.
Thriller / Drama.
A doctor (I think the guy was a doctor) is passing through a city (I believe) in a bar where there is also a couple, the woman is blonde and draws the guy’s attention. For some reason there is a fight outside the bar and the blonde’s husband is injured. The “doctor” ends up helping him and the three go to the couple’s house, where the man’s father also lives. The doctor ends up staying there and the father won’t let him go.
The doctor ends up having an affair with the blonde.
She is also a lover of her father-in-law, who gives her injecting drugs in exchange for sex.
I remember a scene where the husband is lying on a table covered with a sheet, he ends up waking up and fighting with the doctor who kills him and puts him back lying covered with the sheet.
I believe that the blonde was the villain/femme fatale of the film.

Dr.Caligari Answered question Nov 27, 2020

Does anyone remember anything similar to this?
Perhaps the man was not a doctor.

Dr.Caligari Answered question Nov 27, 2020