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Blonde chick in red Karate uniform fighting against a martial artist

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I’m aching to know what’s the name of the movie gahhhhhh!

Our protagonist fights a blonde chick with red Karate uniform in a dojo-like setting. The fight was short, the protagonist is simply testing her abilities earlier/mid of the movie. Later she’s kidnapped and ‘tortured’ by getting dunked in water. Basically she became a damsel in distress.

I have a good feeling it’s a Jackie Chan movie but I’ve gone through the whole lot so I probably missed it or mistook the MC. Other possibilities would be Jean Claude Van Damm or Chuck Norris movies.

appreciate any help!

Abba Answered question Jul 14, 2022

Is it Revenge Of The Ninja? Similar scene google image search Revenge Of The Ninja Cathy.

Rumor13 Answered question Mar 7, 2018

Not kill bill?

Anonymous Posted new comment Jan 5, 2021

As far as I can remember, there is no blonde chick in red karate uniform in Kill Bill. Uma Thurman is blonde, but she does not wear a red uniform in the movie.

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