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Black neighbors rescuing their neighbors son in deep south after mom goes missing bc of kkk

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film about a black family in the deep south that waited too long to move out before klansmen took over the town and they went to go rescue their neighbors son after the mother went missing

I watched a film (or show) a while back and want to rewatch it. It’s about 2 black families that are neighbors somewhere in the deep south. One family is a mom, dad, son and daughter. The other family is a single mother with a nerdy son who is sort of awkward and probably got bullied. He attached himself to the neighbors son who was sort of indifferent towards him.

In the family of 4, the wife keeps telling her husband that they need to move out because klansmen are slowly taking over more and more towns and become more brazen in their violence. The dad is adamant about them not moving because it’s their home and they belong there and shouldn’t have to move. Eventually the dad decides ok, it is time to get out, things have gotten too dangerous, but by then the mom says its way too late now because they would most likely get killed if they’re stuck driving on the roads.

Meanwhile their neighbor, family of 2 single mom and nerdy son – the mom gets a job like two hours away for more money and a safer living environment. The nerdy son is sad about this. Then one day the nerdy son calls the family of 4 freaking out because his mom is not back from work. The mom of the family of 4 calms him down on the phone and tells him it will be alright, she even walked him through how to make a meal or pour a bowl of cereal for himself.

The mom of the family of 4 tells her husband that the kid who is now alone (their former neighbor) only has them in the world and they have to go save him, he wont survive alone. the dad is against going to rescue him and says hope the kid ends up alright.

The dad of the familiy of 4 grabs his son and they go rescue the kid. They had to drive by small towns (one which was on fire and klansmen staring them down but they just keep driving by slowly)

I was told to skim through Watchman or Lovecraft Country to see if it was an episode or origin story in there but I just skimmed through those and it’s not either.

Do I sound crazy or does anyone else remember this movie?

mvv11 Asked question Aug 14, 2022