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Black cop flicxk with a twist

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So i watch a movie at a friends house when i was rather young and im trying to find it. i only know a few things about it it was a black cop show but the main antagonist of the movie was a guy who was able to regenerate his limbs i believe his blood was also blue. a couple of scenes i can remember was near the start to show of the tech a chip of some description was in a snake and it was killed and regeneratered. then a guy was cloned and he killed the guy that did the cloning. there was also a train scene with the cops wife being held hostage by the antagonist and the was was killed to make it look like the cop did it

again i know its vague but i was like 8 when i saw this movie just trying to find it again

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Virtuosity (1995) ?

CrawlingChaos13 Posted new comment Mar 17, 2022

yes thank you