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Black and white movie, con-artist brother-sister team. Mentally challenged male victim.

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They could be husband and wife, but I think they are brother and sister.

A con artist male/female team want to steal the inheritance of a mentally challenged man by pretending to be him.

Con-artist brother has blond hair; mentally-challenged man has dark hair (this is important). May be the same actor. Con-artist brother dyes his hair black and pretends to be mentally challenged.

Pivotal scene #1: Brother lays back in the bath; camera is directly above bathtub. We, the audience, can see the hair dye dissipate in the water; he can’t. An emergency gets him out of the bath, and — unaware that the dye has left the back of his head — he is almost gets caught.

Pivotal scene #2: He falls through the glass ceiling of a greenhouse and becomes mentally challenged! Family accepts him as the brother.

That scene horrified me and haunts me, and I think it was supposed to be a comedy.


Boxen Asked question Jun 17, 2020