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bizarre r-rated foreign movie from the 80’s?

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Saw this movie on the Australian SBS (foreign tv) channel. In the 80’s, probably ’88 or ’89. Once i starting remembering this strange movie i realised i really want to find it.
It must be R-rated. Not much sex but various adult themes and gratuitous language.
It’s a European movie and maybe French but i can’t remember for sure. Could have been Spanish or Dutch or maybe even English.

It’s a story of a middle aged struggling writer who has a very miserable life and he is confused and contemplative and kinda suicidal and lost. He lives with his wife and they absolutely hate each other. They are always insulting each other and threatening to kill each other. One scene has his wife bragging about her young lover whom she openly admins to having an affair with. The husband doesn’t care at all though and regularly tells her to fuck off.
There are many strange scenes which don’t seem to make any sense or connection to a plot. There are many random encounters with strange characters. The writer is a realist and a very philosophical character who just kind of wanders around looking for meaning the whole movie.

One scene has the writer eyeing a sexy young woman on the bus who is obviously a bit of a lewd person herself, considering how she is dressed and the way she smiles at him. She laughs at his mannerisms and when she gets off the bus he stalkingly follows her. She leads him to her house and he follows her inside where (to her delight) he starts to practically rape her and then after a small time she gets really upset and calls the police to have him arrested. When the police arrive he is really angry with her as getting him arrested had been her plan all along.
Another scene has the writer seducing a very overweight woman and going to her house. While he is there undressing her he is musing to himself about returning to the womb as a child and (unsuccessfully) tries to enter her vagina to become her baby, to the woman’s encouragement.
I remember once scene where he is writing in his house and throws his typewriter out the window in frustration.
In one of the final scenes he is in an airport and he is propositioned by a young prostitute. He asks her how old she is and she replies 16. He then puts his hand up her blouse and tells her that she’s lying because her “tits are too big”.

These are all the scenes that i can remember but there were a few others. The more that I try to remember, the more I’d like to see it again. It was a truly bizarre and ridiculous movie.

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Tales of Ordinary Madness (1981)

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OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That’s it. I’m so happy right now, almost in tears. This has been an itch in my brain for decades. Thank you.

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