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Been Trying to Think of This Movie for 3 Days


I’m getting so frustrated. I’m trying to remember what movie I’ve seen this particular character from but I don’t even know what to search into Google.

I’m thinking of a tall hooded figure, in either a red, white, or black cloak (memory is foggy there) but the hood it was wearing looked like a half moon. I know it’s not much to go off of but the closest example I can give is the photo of the woman from Belladonna of Sadness in her black cloak.

I can’t remember if it was a horror or musical, but I think it was made in the 70s or maybe 80s and I’m pretty sure it was a cult classic. It is not The Holy Mountain, that was my first thought.

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ellamarie921 Selected answer as best Jul 22, 2022

Maybe Amadeus from 1984?

ellamarie921 Posted new comment Jul 22, 2022

That’s the one!!! Thank you so much!!!!!