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been trying to find this movie title for YEARSSS send help pleasseee


okay so, there’s this movie I watched like several years ago and it’s about this boy who lived with his mother (in I believe rural New York) and he had to be like a younger teenager. his mother passed away and he saw the ambulance taking away his mother and he decided to run away. along the way he met this older guy, I think he was like on his way to this festival/hippie flea market thing and they stopped for a sandwich and they slept inside an abannonded house for the night. once they got to the place the older guy was supposed to be at, they were hanging out and there was like a river scene or something. I’ve been wanting to see this indie film again for so long because I know I enjoyed it and I literally cannot remember anything about this movie besides the basic plot. how dumb of me. I dont even know the actors in it. but I don’t think it was an older film. it had to have been somewhere from 2000-20011. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I WANNA WATCH THAT MOVIE AGAIN 🙁

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Sep 25, 2020

It sounds like “Prince of Central Park”. I vaguely remember the kid running away and it says he meets a hobo called “the guardian”. Seriously sad movie IIRC.