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Been looking for this movie, has anyone seen it?

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What I remember about the movie is that it has a tree in its cover and a type of tree in its title. Its a romance/drama movie. I only saw it once and it has the male and the female in like a prison type camp. It’s not a WW2 movie, not that I remember but I’m pretty sure. In one scene the girl is afraid of getting pregnant when the male lead is offering her to sleep in his bed because its cold. She is naive and doesn’t know what really happens between a man and a women. He explains it to her but somehow I think she ends up telling someone and then the guy gets beaten or something. He does get hurt because the girl does something although that something is still blurry to me (the memory).

I want to say that the movie is Chinese or French and not American just because I think the setting, as far as I remember, didn’t look western. It was also set before the 20th century.

Kerry24 Asked question Sep 1, 2020