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Ay papi-scene in horror flick, we think. Name it, please…

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This is driving us mad… So there’s this movie we saw a couple years ago. We think it was some horror movie. Could’ve been a thriller too. There a scene where a boy/man and a girl/young woman are having sex. I think latino characters. Standing against the side of house or shed with white wooden boards. Could’ve been in the bedroom with white walls also. What was so funny in this scene was the fact that the girl was yelling ‘Ay papi’ while her breasts where moving up-and-down uncontroleably. Cup size A, if I’d had to guess. Let’s just say, the whole thing stuck with us. Sort of.

We’ve been having fun over the years with that soundbite, until last week… That’s when one of us asked: “Where was that phrase from…?” And the other said: “I don’t know…” We’ve been wrecking our brains ever since… But all searches with ‘Ay papi’ and ‘movie sex scene’ end up in porn movies. And it was definately NOT a porn movie.

Please help us, you are our only hope…

farcry Posted new comment Aug 12, 2022

You could try searching for that phrase in this database: