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attempting to find an early 2000s animated kids movie 5$ reward


this is a movie I distinctly remember watching as I grew up and id like to find it and watch it again just for some nostalgia. here are the details and plot as I remember them. its an animated world with animals as people, (cant remember the style) the plot is that there is a race being held to the top of a giant mountain and whoever gets there wins the prize, its also televised to the whole town so the races friends and family are able to check in on them and watch, I believe the main character was a male rabbit. the one scene the is melted into my brain is where all of the characters, or at least most of them are stuck on a icy mountain in a shallow cave and we can see them freezing with the classic icicle from the nose, blue skin, ect. and it pans up to right above them were there is a tent with the film crew and host of the show a pelican with a bright blue suit who has hot chocolate and promptly says “oh let me get some of those marshmallows for my coco and he walks past the screen and the scene switches. there were also a twin brother team of hedgehogs or moles that are Hispanic. this movie would have been released from 2007-2014 if recall correctly, I remember watching it at the same time as the newer lorax movie. i believe i am about 60% of the way to figuring out what it is based on what I remember but if anybody could help I will straight up send you 5 dollars that’s how desperate I am to figure this out as it has been in the back of my head for almost 4 months

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Sep 27, 2021