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Assasin who becomes romantically involved with his target who is a russian prostitute

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I cant for the life of me remember the name of this movie, but it’s about an assasin who saves his target instead of killing her. She’s a russian prostitute trying to put herself through school or something like that. The person who ordered the hit on her is one of her previous clients who is now running for governor or to be a judge or something like that. The guy who the hitman got the contract from looks a lot like Tom Arnold to me, and theres a scene in the movie where he’s on the phone with the staff of the guy who ordered the hit and he says that he’s “running a special on cleaning up winestains”

casspir Answered question Jul 19, 2019

“Hitman” (2007)

Quote from a synopsis on the internet:
“Abandoned by his mysterious employer and unwillingly embroiled in a suspicious political assassination, a stealthy hitman falls for a Russian prostitute who complicates his life before he eliminates their enemy, the right wing “double” of a presidential candidate.”

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VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 28, 2020

Name of old movie with Two friends find machine in shop-like place that, enables them to go to an island full of women and They are being chased by a police officer on the island. In the end they discover that the owner of this island is the father of one of them

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