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As if the movie did not exist !!


Look for a movie that has disappeared like ghosts!

About a year ago I watched an Indian movie, of a mother who took revenge on those who raped her daughter after a party she attended.

The girl attended a party and a guy liked her, but she rejected and embarrassed him, so he kidnapped her with his friends in the car, ra*3d her, and then dumped her in sewage.
The matter spread through the media, but the Boys were eventually acquitted.
The mother was a teacher and she saw how the boys were trying to tease her, and they living freely without punishment, so The mother avenges her daughter. The last scene I saw is that the mother cut off a man’s pe*is while he was showering.

The movie called Mother,
The Mother, or My Mother, something like this, and it is from the 20th century.
I can not find it !!!!!? any one help me to find

VHS_Lives Edited comment Sep 7, 2020