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As anybody know that movie?

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Please, help me to find the title of romantic, comedy movie from 80s, 90s,perhaps. It’s about for a group of friends went on summer vacantio to the sea. They hadn’t enough money and staying in someone else’s house when they arrived, i think the owner was some kind of mobster. So one day one of good guys saw and fell in love with cute brunette , painting on the beach. I remembered that guys had troubles with the mob,when he came back with his guards, they have got some inpact in the house ,especially the ,,lover,,. At the end of the move the cute girl came to the house with limo to save him, or to see him for goodbye, and the boy founds she was rich. May be there was a valuable painting involved before that. It was very good movie. I’m sure there were famous actors,but i cannot remembered the names.

Koko Asked question Feb 3, 2022