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Artifact allows time travel, in the end only amputated arm comes back

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A movie I saw on off-network television in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s… Movie is in color, probably 1960s. An artifact like a wristwatch or a ring allows for time travel. Fellow uses it to go back to witness a war, Civil War or French Revolution perhaps. Dressed as a soldier he is injured somehow and the field medic can’t do anything but amputate his arm despite the guy’s protestations. The amputation begins and the guy tries to activate the artifact to go back to his time. The punchline is that only his arm with the ring/watch still on it makes it back. It may be that this is an anthology, where three or more different people encounter and use this artifact and meet ironic endings, but this particular image has stuck with me for decades.

cynicscorner Asked question Aug 19, 2021