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Arabic movies don’t know the title

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When I was younger I watched this movies on television. The plot showed that this in Arabic country but I don’t know where it is. It showed in the desert. Many building collapse because of war and soldiers. Then there is one little girl maybe 7 to 11 years old and her younger brother maybe 4 to 6 years old wonder around their house. Their parents gone maybe captured or dead. So, they wander outside their house trying to find some food in the other house. Suddenly, in one of the house, they hear a little boy maybe 3 years old and below crying without parent. So, they find the little boy. They don’t know what to do but then the sister find a bottle. A coke glass bottle and a milk powder. So, she make milk for the little boy. They couldn’t leave the little boy alone, so the sister carried the little boy. At ending, it showed that the 3 children were caught by the soldiers truck maybe to brought them to camp. But one of the soldiers are a bit soft hearted so he let go the 3 of them without others soldier know.

LAVENDER Asked question Jul 23, 2018